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Supplying Diapers to Those in Need

Can we donate $10 in your name to provide diapers to local families in need?

For struggling families, diapers can easily become the most costly monthly expense. Although our government does provide certain assistances to those in need, there are currently no programs that offer relief for diapers. To meet this critical need, Making Kids Count founded The Diaper Bank to provide diapers to the most vulnerable in our community. Making Kids Count is a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to make the lives of children brighter by providing positive experiences and everyday necessities. Each month, through their Diaper Bank they provide 32,000 diapers to families in need.

“Here at Ruddy Insurance Group, we believe in ground-level movements that directly help those in our community who need it most. With that said, we’re proud to support Making Kids Count as they are a wonderful local organization that is truly making a difference,” says Shawn Ruddy, agency owner.

Even with this program, however, the local need for diapers continues to grow daily. As the need increases, Making Kids Count becomes even more reliant on donations.

This is where you can help.

Simply recommend a friend or family member to our agency and we will make a $10 donation in your name.

Join the #AgentsOfChange movement and let’s care for those in need and raise our community up!

To Make a Donation Directly CLICK HERE