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Home Insurance

Protecting one of your biggest assets

Much like Auto insurance, coverage and coverage options dictate premiums. The dwelling coverage is primary and that is the coverage for the structure of your home. Other coverage in a policy is known as personal property or contents coverage. This covers everything inside your home.  Liability coverage is also another very improtant coverage on your home and can protect you if anyone were to get injured.  Deductible option, as well as additional endorsements added or deleted from a policy will develop a person’s premium. Loss history, amount of coverage, type of home, and custom level of the home determine the reconstruction of the home to properly indemnify the insured. Examining the client’s situation will present options that are appropriate for the client, and others that are not so important.

Just because you rent doesn't mean you're covered

If you rent an apartment, house or even a dorm room, you need renters insurance to protect you. Many renters are unaware that the landlord’s insurance policy doesn’t cover your belongings. So if fire, theft or weather damages your property, you’ll need the protection of renters insurance. Apartment renters insurance also protects you if an accident happens at your home. Renters insurance can pay if you’re liable for damages to others’ property. It can also pay if injuries occur at your residence and help with the cost of legal defense. Even the cost of a small accident adds up quickly. At Ruddy Insurance Group we can sit down and explain the various options to you.