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Auto Insurance

Cheaper is not always better

Auto Liability is the heart and soul of the insurance contract. Positioning a client with the proper liability with today’s changing world is most important when considering auto insurance. It provided the protection a person needs if they were to damage the property or the other party in an accident. Too many times we see insufficient coverage and that only creates stress and problems with insuring parties.  We are able to customize a policy that fits every need and every stage of your life.

How do I know what coverages are best for me?

Liability coverage’s are most important; the other areas of an auto policy really provide the protection needed for the owner of the vehicle itself. Optional full coverage on an auto provides the protection needed to replace or repair your valuable asset. But, also the small sometimes-insignificant coverage’s are most welcome, such as the proper amount of coverage to cover a rental vehicle (which is known as loss of use), or a towing coverage that extends greater that the typical 10 or 15 mile tow. And we cannot forget to stress the importance of the Uninsured / Underinsured motorist coverage that extends to protect our client from serious injury, when the other party is insufficiently covered or not covered at all.  On average 1 out of every 5 drivers on the road today do not carry any auto insurance.

What if I don't have Insurance Now?

We can definitely help you there as well.  We are able to take care of the drivers who have a lapse in coverage, no current insurance, DUI, bad driving records, and even if the State of Ohio says you need to have an SR-22 Bond.  We understand that things happen in your life and we are here to help you and guide you through the whole process. 

Why not a Second Opinion on Your Current Insurance?

We believe that all insurance policies should be reviewed periodically to determine if those coverages fit your needs and provide enough coverage.  Also, with today's wide array of discounts it's good to make sure that you are leveraging every possible discount that applies to you.